Our Services

Amores Pest Services offers an effective program based on each customers particular needs. Although every pest management situation is different, there are some basics that form the back bone of an effective pest management program.

General Pest Control
At Amores Pest Services, we offer various programs for all pest-related problems. All of our programs are designed to be flexible in order to meet each customers needs and provide the most effective, affordable, and convenient service available. Our unique view our the pest control industry and our goal to satisfy our customers have allowed us to develop programs using the latest environmentally friendly products.

Landscape Program
Most of the problem pests hide in the landscape, not in the home. The generic name for these pests is "dooryard" pests. If these pests are effectively kept from being able to enter your home, there is little need for us to apply pest management materials inside your home. At Amores, our Landscape Service Program is designed to reduce the need for interior treatments after the initial service (if the problem is the control of a dooryard pest).

Year Round Service
Many new customers often ask "Why do I need your service year round?" Southern California is a great place for people and, unfortunately, pests. it provides the perfect environment for pests to remain active during all seasons. The cooler months bring new challenges, including rodent/pests invading our homes looking for shelter since pests prefer warm, dry locations. We have developed programs and techniques specifically for use during these months.

Free Inspections
Amores Pest Services offers inspections and consultations free of charge. This is to determine if Amores can give you a program designed to meet your specific needs.

Amores Pest Services is committed to bringing you the most effective pest management programs possible. At Amores Pest Services, we understand that pests need to be taken care of in a timely manner. When you work with Amores Pest Services you enjoy all the advantages of a large-scale service provider with the courtesy and consideration of an operator owned business. Our services are designed to accommodate a variety of clients – ranging from homeowners to large commercial structure managers. In addition to general pest control and control and eradication, we can handle various pest-related issues, including:

Odor Control
Fly Control
Bees & Wasps
Rats & Rodent Proofing
Dead Animal Removal
Food Pests
Nuisance animal trapping
Window Screen Replacement
Gutter Guards
Dryer vent replacement
Garage door weather stripping
Chimney caps
Bird netting

Our pest control specialists have the training, experience, and environmentally friendly resources to assure protection and elimination from all types of destructive pests. Additionally, we're experts at the proper, proven methods of selecting and applying pest-control chemicals. Contact us to see why we're your pest control specialists!